Marubia is a professional musician from Germany, showcasing her talents as an instrumentalist, composer, and singer on her debut solo album 'Odyssey' and in various collaborations and projects.


Debut Album ‘Odyssey’

ALCHEMIA SONORA with Fontaine Burnett

NOU - a musical journey to now, with Fontaine Burnett and Trixie Delgado

Collaboration with Sparkie Melody, London, UK

Collaboration with singer/songwriter Andrea Selby

Collaboration with singer/songwriter Anke Scheer

Collaboration with Deepdivecorp

Collaboration with Mashtimusic, Copenhagen, DK

Collaboration with Egidio Rondinone, Bari, IT



Passionate Musician Biography


Discover the story behind Marubia, a professional musician from Germany, as she unveils her debut solo album 'Odyssey'. Experience her talents as an instrumentalist, composer, and singer.

How would you describe your music?

“It’s not about genres, it’s about authenticity. It’s about telling a story. My preferred vocabulary favors a sensual fusion of soulful melodies, hypnotic trip-hoppy dub rhythms and jazzy instrumental lines and solos.”

“Odyssey is a story being told. It is like a book, in three parts. It is about a journey. Not so much a journey through time and space, but an inward journey to the self... to myself. It is about my search, my odyssey inwards through other dimensions. The voyage of a being of light...a warrior of light. It is my journey, yet it reflects the seeking in all of us...and I am inviting listeners to come along with me.”

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